About us


Because “Lo Nuestro” is yours too!

Rio Grande Food Products was founded in the state of Maryland in 1986 by Josue Alvarado and since then has been dedicated to supplying the nostalgic demands of consumers from all over Latin America, in that sense we can say that the food business is a family matter being a family owned and operated business.

Rio Grande Food Products, Inc. is a vertically integrated Latin American Food Company that grows, manufactures and distributes its own line of products in the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia metropolitan area. This allows us to grow and supply many of the raw materials used for our corn based products, Fruits and vegetables which in turn allows us competitive advantages that are reflected in the quality, taste, freshness and cost of our products to meet the demanding needs of our consumers and our customers.

Our manufacturing facility has modern machinery and technology that has positioned us as absolute leaders in states like New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC among others, being present in over 22 states in the United States as well as cities in Canada.

We distribute through our own trucking fleet in the local market (Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC) as well as having a national distribution network that allows us to have a strong presence and efficient coverage in the states mentioned above.

Rio Grande Food has facilities and logistics suitable for handling refrigerated and frozen goods as well as our distributers throughout the country which means our products never break the cold chain and thus assures our products quality and taste.

For over 28 years the name “Rio Grande Foods” has become a favorite for generations of grandmothers, mothers and daughters. Latino families continue cooking and consuming the same type of food that have been brought back from their originating countries. Rio Grande stays true to those original recipes and traditions by guaranteeing Freshness, Quality and committing to staying true to the original flavors.

Our brand has become synonymous with reliability, taste and nostalgia for the foods of our lands. Our slogan “Lo Nuestro” emphasizes our conviction to serve the Latino community in the United States as well as other international markets in order to fulfill our responsibility.

The brand “Rio Grande” has become a favorite of generations of Latinos; grandmothers, mothers and daughters Latino families continue to cook their food from our land.
For over 28 years, from generation to generation, Rio Grande continues to serve the Latino community with the authentic taste of our land and with the quality that our consumers have come to expect.


Serving our customers and consumers with qual-ity, integrity and excellence fulfilling God’s pur-pose for this company. It is our intention to build a company that goes beyond the U.S. market to become a global company in the following years offering “Best of Latin America” to the world, with the heritage, quality and rich tradition of our land;using our people, brands, products, gifts, talents and resources wisely to meet the great purposes of God for this company.


Serving the Hispanic community anywhere in the world with the best food of our land. Emphasize tradition and nostalgia based on positioning: “From generation to generation, from our lands to your table with the best flavor of Latin America.”